Claiming ownership over real estate property where the proprietor is inaccurately indicated as being “unknown”

Properties that are not recorded as belonging to a named proprietor and that are registered in the cadastral books and other data documented through the Cadastral Register as properties of an “Unknown Proprietor”, are considered as owned by the Greek State, once the first registration becomes final. First cadastral registrations that have not been challenged...

Minimising risk in design and construction projects

In Greece, design and construction aspects of projects are frequently separated under different contracts with basic and detailed engineering being provided under an initial contract and construction, in accordance with the design, under a subsequent contract. Integrated design and build contracts are another option and have the advantage of offering the employer greater security as...

Legal protection of intellectual property in an employment context

Employers should not operate under the assumption that they are automatically entitled to all intellectual property created by employees as the rules in this area are particularly complicated. The general position under Greek law is that the initial beneficiary of the proprietary and moral right in intellectual property is the employee that created the works...

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