At Calypsis, we strive to provide the highest standards in legal services and client care by communicating effectively with our clients so they can rest assured that their case is being expertly handled.

Our ability to provide a distinctive client service is attributable to our values that are at the heart of the way we interact with our clients and with each other:

Clients come first

Our aim is to satisfy our clients through a deep understanding of their needs, their businesses and industries. We appreciate the importance of having open lines of communication with our clients in order to be able to take on board invaluable insight only they are in a position to provide.

Commitment to excellence and success

We dedicate our best efforts to our work and combine exceptional knowledge of the legal detail with a business oriented approach to deliver superior legal services and comprehensive client solutions.

Personalised partner delivered services

Our commercially astute partners are fully engaged and directly provide expert personalised and friendly services. This approach has clear advantages as our clients have the benefit of receiving full partner commitment and attention which in turn enables us to better assess opportunities and navigate challenges.  Our partners act as project leaders and problem solvers, co-ordinating other practitioners and processes to ensure we are always best placed to serve the legal needs of our clients.

Nurturing trust and transparency

We develop enduring relationships with our clients based on trust and transparency including with respect to proposed cost where our focus is on value delivered rather than time invested. Striving to act in our clients’ best interests, we provide honest advice on the merits of the case and the means by which matters can be pursued.

Integrated team

Where complex legal challenges are involved, we consult and collaborate very closely together with a view to formulating a collegiate decision on the most efficient and professional manner of dealing with such matters.

Ethos and culture

We aspire to be good citizens which positively influences our judgment and ability to creatively solve problems. We also embrace our responsibility to give back to the community through pro bono advocacy and skills-based volunteering as well as other community-service work.

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